The lab is part of Wayne State University, and housed within the department of Nutrition and Food Science.

If you are interested in learning more about our research or participating in a study please send us an email.

The mission of the crème lab is to understand how metabolism reciprocally intermingles with brain function. There is garnering appreciation for the biology behind what has long been anecdotally referred to as the “mind-body” connection, and recent work has started to outline how different systems in the body that regulate metabolism can influence brain function and ultimately behavior. We are continuing to gain a better understanding for the role the brain plays in regulation of metabolism. This is an exciting time to study the relationship between brain and body, and try to determine how much influence our actions have on this relationship.

We have several ongoing projects that aim to understand how the brain responds to food consumption and energy expenditure. We examine these physiological challenges incorporating biomarker

screening that includes assessment of hormonal and behavioral responses. A core aspect of our research includes the utilization of imaging techniques (PET and MRI) to investigate structural and functional responses of the brain. An overriding goal of this work is to identify biological signals that will help predict disease risk and inform course of treatment. We are fortunate to have a wonderful network of collaborators who work with us to investigate the relationships between metabolism and brain function in several disease states including obesity, pre-diabetes, and depression.

We are very fortunate to have funding from the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, and the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation. Please check out their websites.